Latest (official) FlexiCamPro version is 0.80
Latest (official) FlexiCamLite version is 0.50
supports 65K colors displays for Phones Nokia 3620 3660 6600 Siemens SX1
starting from version 0.72 also works on N-Gage (just Edit mode)

ShareWare ver. 0.80 -> v. 080 FlexiCam 0.80 1600x1200 pixels hires mode
* if you have both version 0.67 and 0.50 installed it is better to uninstall 0.50 before to install this one
after you can install again version 0.50 if you wish to

*this is fully working version ,
it is limited only to save just what you see in the phone display (176x144 x 64k colors) registration allow you to save full image

Registration links:

*registered user can upgrade to newers versions without any additional charge

you can download FreeWare ver. 0.50 from here -> v. 0.50 ( build 0x003E )
*this version is limited to save just 176x132 or 176x144 if any filter is used otherwise will save as 640x480 when no filters

you can also Download both directly into your phone using your WAP browser ... from here ->

Professional and FreeWare (starting from 0.50 ) can save Images as JPG ,BMP and PNG
*PNG format may not works with Symbian 6.1 OS arising a -5 error "not supported"
if you save as BMP true Colors expect a big file to be produced up to 900Kb in ZOOM mode

the package contains the following languages menus and automatically install one of them if you already use it.
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Dutch